Cyril Babaev's Websites

From: Richard Wordingham
Message: 25273
Date: 2003-08-24

As one may have guessed from the loss of As.oka's wheel on the home
page, Cyril Babaev's websites have suffered another invasion by
pornographers. This time they've taken over

Indo-European material can still be located via
<>. This version is meant to
be in Russian, but there is still a fair bit of material in
English. You may have to wrestle with your browser to read some of
the Russian - I did, even after switching off the use of fonts
specified on the pages (I specified Tahoma for proportional spacing
and a Lucida font for non-proportional spacing.) I was having
trouble until my browser suddenly decided it was encoded in Thai (my
IE language list holds English and Thai) - it then displayed the
Cyrillic correctly!