Re: [tied] IE Roots

From: aquila_grande
Message: 25250
Date: 2003-08-22

Actually, the current laryngeal theory has many problems. One of
these is the coloring of e to o. This is highly unprobable due to the
great difference between e and o.

A laryngeal, for example a labeovelar fricative, is likely to color
an e to ΓΌ and further to u, not o.

The notion that the ablaut pattern e/o originated from an e is
likewise unprobable because it is highly unlikely that an e becomes
an o.

The problem can be solved by asuming that the basic wovel was an a.
This a was then changed to an e in certain cases, to an o in other
and remained an a in still other, thus creating the ablaut pattern e/o

The h2-laryngeal could then preserve the a-sound, the h1-make an e
from a, and h3 make an o from a, if indeed the h3 is neccesary at all.

However, I think that both h1, h2 and h3 existed, because without
these laryngeals, the IE phonemic system would have only one spirant,
the s.

The assumption of h2 (a velar spirant) and h3 (a labiovelar spirant)
and h1 - a h-sound, makes the phonemic system more probable.