Re: Arya

From: wtsdv
Message: 25246
Date: 2003-08-22

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> Are the words ARYAN, ARISTOI, AIRE, ASURA, AHURA and AESIR related.
> Their meanings seem to be similar if not identical. -- something
> connected to sovereignity and light.
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All of these have been discussed before, and are in the
archives. The most recent thread that I found, starting
at ,
is about "aesir" and "asura-". "Asura-" and "ahura-" are
definitely cognates, and if I remember correctly, "aesir"
_may_ be related to them. The "ari-" in "aristos", and
"arya-" _may_ be related, but see Benveniste's thoughts
in the group's files entitled "Indo-European Language and
Society" in the "att" folder. Is "aire" the Spanish word
for "air", or another form of "Eire"? If a form of "Eire",
it has nothing to do with any of the other words. It's
from *pi:-wer- "fat, fertile".