Re: [tied] IE Roots

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 25242
Date: 2003-08-22

>A special development of palatalized **-ix^ (< **-iki) can be seen in the
>inanimate dual ending *-ih1 (as opposed to the animate ending *-o-h3 <
>**-a:-ixW < **-a-iku).

What animate ending *-oh3? Where exactly do we find this ending?
I'm not aware of any word-final morpheme ending in *h3. Y'sure it's
not *-oh (*-oh1) or *-o:?

>The labialized laryngeals **/hW/, **/?W/, **/xW/ and **/XW/ all
>give *h3

This is rampant assumption. We don't need any more than one, and
I think it is *[hW] based on the *k-series.

= gLeN

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