Re: Crows and Garlands

From: Abdullah Konushevci
Message: 25240
Date: 2003-08-21

--- In, "tolgs001" <> wrote:
> >As far as I remember Hungarian gulaš(S)(<SNIP>) is
> >written gulasz
> Nope. In Hungarian, the word is written gúlyás.
> Its pronunciation... "goo-yahsh" ['gu:-ja:S].
> gulaš, Gulasch etc. are mere (awkward) renditions
> in *other* languages. Moreover, the dish called as
> such in other languages is actually called in
> Hungary... pörkölt. The genuine Hungarian Gulasch
> is sort of a soup (or rather... çorba :^), and is
> called gúlyás leves ['lævæS].
> In Hungarian "sz" must always be read [s], and
> "s" always [S].
> >About Romanian tzarka, I think that it undergoes further
> >affricatization, like cioara < Alb. sorra with regular
> >diphthongation
> Yeah, but it's not the same thing: [s] <-> [ts],
> whereas in sorrë<>cioara we have [s] <-> [tS].
> The [ts] out of [s] in Romanian is indeed quite
> unusual.
> >To my view, <sharka> is just a diminitival form of
> >shara 'spot'.
> (I dunno, but lemme mention that Hungarian tarka-barka
> "checkered, dotted," that's also known in Rumanian:
> terchea-berchea as well as participle/adj. tãrcat.)
> Let's take other examples in Hungarian, that
> might... puzzle you (-:
> sár [Sa:r] "mud, mire, dirt;" sárga ['Sa:r-gO]
> "yellow;" sáru "clam;" sarok "corner;" sárkány
> ['Sa:rka:ñ] "dragon."
> szar [sOr] "shit, feces" (if you make a diminutive
> word out of it, you get... szarka :-); szarvas
> ['sOrvOS] "deer" < szarv "horn."
> NB: "a" always [O], "á" always [a:].
> >Konushevci
> George
Thanks a lot for info. I agree that my knowledge of Hungarian is less
than zero, even, for example, that I can guess that sarga 'yellow' is
probably cognate of Turkish sarI 'id.'. I was, by all chances, leaded
wrongly by many similarities.