Re: Crows and Garlands

From: Peter P
Message: 25238
Date: 2003-08-21

--- In, Piotr Gasiorowski
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> 21-08-03 05:31, Peter P wrote:
> > --- In, Piotr Gasiorowski
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> ... Korppi huus: "Ei milloinkaan"
> > E.A. Poe in Finnish? What next?
> I was amused by the definitely un-corvine sound of "Nevermore" in
> Finnish translation. If that's any comfort, most Polish
translations of
> "The Raven" fall flat for the same reason.
> Piotr

It's not without some merit. "Korppi huus: ei milloinkaan". "Huus"
would often be written "huusi" in prose. The /i/ is 3rd sing.
ending, but "huusi" is also 'outhouse' in Finnish, so presumably to
avert conflicting images the ending is dropped.

"Milloinkaan" of course is the FU rel pron. mi-
mikä, what
miksi, why
mihkä, where
milloin, when, at what time

ei milloin, at no time, never
-kaan, emphasis (nevermore), also a nice bit of onomatopoeia, the cry
of the raven.

Peter P