Re: [tied] Re: Crows and Garlands

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 25231
Date: 2003-08-21

21-08-03 12:56, Abdullah Konushevci wrote:

> I am afraid that Hungarian <szarka> and Romanian <tzarka> are derived
> from Slavic _šarka_ 'colored bird' (cf. šara 'spot' with big family
> of derivatives, <šaren> 'spotted, colored', _šarolik_ 'id.',
> <šarolikost> 'full-coloredness', etc.). To this conclusion leads also
> Albanian _laraskë_ 'magpie' < larë 'spot' + -skë (adjectival suffix).
> The same meaning has also <sorrëshkinë> 'spotted bird, magpie'.

But Slavic has (*s(v)arka: >) *s(v)orka, becoming <soroka> ~ <s(v)raka>
~ <sroka> in the modern languages. This word is a far more likely, not
to say obvious, source of Hung. szarka /sOrkO/ with the same meaning.