Re: Crows and Garlands

From: Abdullah Konushevci
Message: 25228
Date: 2003-08-21

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> > Hence also Finnish <korppi> (Korppi huus: "Ei milloinkaan"). To
> sure,
> > the final /-i/ betrays a relatively recent loan.
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> > Piotr
> E.A. Poe in Finnish? What next? Even though 'raven' is a loan
> Swedish, 'crow' seems to be in most FU languages.
> Hung. - varja'
> Finnish - variks- (nom. sing. varis)
> This reminds me of Richard's post.
> *k-? Pokorny (root #919) has a nice set of 'magpie' words, e.g.
> Sanskrit _sa:rika:_
> This appears in Finnish as 'harakka' magpie. presumably borrowed
> from Baltic.
> Peter P
If it could be of any help, in Altaic languages the word for <magpie>
is _saqsaqan_ (Turkish "saksaGan"), probably reduplicated stem *sak-
'sensitive' or related to <sakal> 'beard'.
Phonetically speaking, the closest word should be <kartal> 'eagle'
(the s > k change, if I am not wrong, is very common for different
Turkish dialects).