Re: Crows and Garlands

From: tolgs001
Message: 25227
Date: 2003-08-21

>'crow' seems to be in most FU languages.
>Hung. - varja'

varjú ['vOr-ju:] "crow;" holló ['hol-lo:] "raven"

>*k-? Pokorny (root #919) has a nice set of 'magpie' words, e.g.
>Sanskrit _sa:rika:_
>This appears in Finnish as 'harakka' magpie. presumably
>borrowed from Baltic.

Hungarian szarka ['sOr-kO], Rumanian tzarca ['tzar-k&], assumed
to be a loan from Hungarian (Spread chiefly in Transylvania and

Another of the Corvidae family:

Hungarian csóka ['tSo:-kO] "jackdaw", Corvus monedula
(cf. German Dohle), black and grey.

As for Engl. jay and Fr. jai (< late Lat. gaius?), I wonder
if there's any link to Rum. gaie ['ga-je] (which is not a
Corvidae group member, but a red kite, cf. Germ. Rotmilan).

But, AFAIK, the Rum. word for "jay" is gaitza ['ga-i-...]
(Garrulus glandarius), i.e. etymologically gaie + the suffix
-itza. In Hungarian it is called mátyásmadár, i.g. verbatim
"Matthias(') bird."

>Peter P