now my real interest.

From: ardfilidh
Message: 25221
Date: 2003-08-21

i have an interest in celtic languages, as posted, and i did wish to
point out that the matralenial theory is based on a few king lists,
which may be missunderstood,but, i recenty read mallory's book on
the tarin basin mummies. no i don't think the plaid prove the scots
discovered china, tibet maybe, but not china.

i find mallories ideas very interesting but he drives me crazy with
a lack of eveidence offered for his designation of many language
groups. so how do we relly know that the scythians are indo european
at all? how do we know that the ossetic people are related to the
scythians? i understand that several languages survive in the
parmirs that are sakan, and are related to the writen sakan found in
the tarim basin from the first millenium. that seems good evidence
that the sakas were indoeuropeans.

some historical sources say the sarmationa displaced the scythians ,
so was one group indoeuropean and one possibly not? say finnic or
turkic. it seems that alans may have been turkic.

part two , i recently was looking at a lithuannian poetry book with
a friend who reads sanskrit and several other indian languages. he
could read the lithuannian. i could even get the obvious
simmilarity. this seem the closest to sanskrit in in europe. so is
there old lithuannian writing that gives a hint where they came from.

finally it seem that most of the saka, ind iranians and fellow
travellers used ephedra. perhaps if we all dose up om ephedra all
will be clear==just joking, but i nominate ephedra as somma.