Re: [tied] p-IE vocalic system (it was: Reconstruction of Proto-Ind

From: aquila_grande
Message: 25203
Date: 2003-08-20

I think that the standard reconstruction of IE with only one wovel
before the ablaut patterns and laryngeal colorings had appeared, is
not sound.

I further think that Szemerenyi has some right points, which are:

-There existed i,u that had not their origin in ew, ey. Many i/ey and
u/y-ablauts may have developed from genuine u, i by analogy with
words having these ablauts at the first place. Besides, there also
exist i, u-sounds that are not ablauting with ey, ew.

-He also points to the fact that for many a-sounds, it is impossible
to find tracks of an former laryngeal.

Whether his view about only one original laryngeal is right, I am not
quite sure.