Re: [tied] Tiber

From: João Simões Lopes Filho
Message: 22671
Date: 2003-06-05

I remember Dumezil tried a Caucasian etymology for Tiberis, but I dont remember in what book.
Joao SL
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From: Glen Gordon
Sent: Thursday, June 05, 2003 2:10 AM
Subject: Re: [tied] Tiber

>it sounds like an explanation of your terrier , not of you. Better you
>will show _why_ they are not related, even with the help of
>extraterrestrial brothers.

We can always make connections between any two items but it's a real
skill to support those connections with proof of their relationship.

Tiber and Tigris are not related, and this much is an obvious conclusion
for anyone that acknowledges their immense distance. If you would
like to relate them together, you must come up with much more than
idle similarity to gain the support, empathy, agreement, or whatever
you need from other linguists.

PS: Terriers don't speak... They only make certain vowels under very
      specific conditions  :)

= gLeN

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