[tied] Re: Albanian "vatër"

From: Daniel J. Milton
Message: 22649
Date: 2003-06-04

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> More, I should like to ask Miguel if "veteranus" has "children" in
> Western Romance ?

> Alex
Elcock "The Romance Languages" (1960) commenting on "VETULUS non
VECLUS" in the"Appendix Probi", says "The author here accepts
VETULUS, as used by Plautus, as correct Latin: thus it replaced the
irregular VETUS. .... VETUS itself did not entirely disappear: it is
to be found in Italian as 'vieto', in old French as 'viez', and in
Rheto-Romanic (Engadine) as 'veider' (<VETEREM). It also gave rise
to other derivative forms: VETERANUS, which survived peripherally in
Italy, e.g. Old Venetian 'vetrano', Old Sicilian 'vitranu', and in
Rumanian as 'batrin'; and a more rare VETERNUS preserved in dialects
of the Istrian area".