Re: [tied] vegliot

From: alex
Message: 22638
Date: 2003-06-04

Piotr Gasiorowski wrote:
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>> That is right, but it still does not explain the name of languages.
>> Since you are speaking a romance, me too ( do I?:-)), it should be
>> easy to follow a bit the "sound" for Veklisun. Can you show some
>> simmilar, or
> Not <-sun> but <-isun> from -esánu- < -ens-á:nu-. The French call
> <caseus parmensis> <parmesan>, don't they?
> Piotr

Yes they do. But it sounds alien the ending in "un" for an adjective
regarding to language. I assume the word for "language" in Vegliot
should have been feminine, so the interpretation with "-sun" as
adjective for feminins sounds improbably. The word "langa" was in
vegliot the one word for "language" and it sounds as being feminine,
don't it?