Re: [tied] Re: Albanian "vatër"

From: alex
Message: 22637
Date: 2003-06-04

Abdullah Konushevci wrote:
> Yes, not only for soldiers, but also for emigrants <U kthye në
> vatër> "He returned at home"
> Konushevci
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> --- In, "alex" <alxmoeller@...> wrote:
>> Abdullah, is there a special expresion of the soldiers when they
> become
>> again "free" from the military service and this expresion has in its
>> compound the word "vatër"?
>> alex

I was sure, don't ask me why, I was sure there must be this expresion
There is the same expresion in Romanian . "Te lãSi la vatrã ", meaning
the same as in Albanian ( OK, mot a mot there is " to let someone home",
not "to return", but to let him home).

OK, in this way we have the relation vetër-veteranus.

From "veteranus" could not derive any "vetër" as shortening useless the
word. But from "vetër" we can derive "veteranus".
I am very intrigued here . It is sure, for Alb. and Rom. lang the word
for "vatër/vatrã" was "veter". Into this manner "veteran" was the one
who was returning home, which makes indeed a sense.
Is there any study about latin "veteranus"? ( First time atested, in
which context, which meaning, evolution, etc)