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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2003-06-04

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> If we do not know what meant Tiberis, what means in this case "Tigris"?

Antonio has offered an interesting analysis of <tiberis>.

As for Tigris, it's a Greek version (see Herodotus) of OPer. tigra- (Av.
tiGri-) 'sharp, pointed; arrow', from PIE (s)teig- (cf. Eng. stick, Gk.
stigma, etc.). The name of the tiger belongs to the same etymon. "The Arrow"
looks like a folk-etymological adaptation of Akkadian Idiqlat (cf. Hebr.
Hiddekel) <-- Sumerian Idigna, the oldest known name of the river. Nothing
to do with the Tiber, as you can see.