Re: [tied] Nominative: A hybrid view

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 22245
Date: 2003-05-25

Despite my kindergarten debating tactics, eh? There's something to
be learned, even from children. We're all teachers and we're all

>*so and *to-, in turn, can be derived from a single demonstrative
>pronoun **t-,

I was almost pleased by your inevitable agreement until you had to
squash my high hopes with this silly statement. There is of course
no evidence to support this claim and is more assumptive than
simply accepting that *so and *to- are seperate roots.

The theorized assimilation of **to-s to **so-s before arriving at *so
(with an unexplained loss of *s to boot) is a long list of devout
beliefs while valiantly ignoring any pertinent facts like *te-syo where
assimilation has evidently not occured. There is so much wrong with
this theory that its credibility will never be salvaged.

- gLeN

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