Re: [tied] luare [Re: Pronoun]

From: alex_tiscali_dsl
Message: 22061
Date: 2003-05-18

tolgs001 wrote:
>> What seems very curious is the "u" here for 1 & 2 pl:
>> noi luãm, voi luaTi.
> Why curious? These are very close to the infinitive
> "lua, luare". If curious, then the other ones: iau, iei,
> ia."

In this direction I was thinking too but the problems are here:
levare > leare > lea.
léa > liea > l'iea > iiea > iea > ia

In this way the derivation from "levare" is clear. The sg. conj. to stem
/ia-/ are as usual 1=/-u/, 2=/-i/, 3=/-a/
ia+u > iau, ia+i > iai , ia+a > ia.

Thus the sg conjugation is absoltuely OK. The plural one doesnt't fit
How you said from "leware" to "lua" should be a Katzensprung, but it is
You cannot go back to "lu" from "ie". Here I fail to see how about.