Re: [tied] Pronoun

From: m_iacomi
Message: 22060
Date: 2003-05-18

--- In, "alex_tiscali_dsl" wrote:

> Miguel Carrasquer wrote:
> >
> > Unstressed:
> > illam > ella > lla > wa > o.
> that doesn't work. The solution of Mr Iacomi looks more plausible
> since loosing the "n" from "unã" there is an "uã" which is more
> like "o". The lla > wa > o is simply nothing since there should
> be phoneticaly something else (lla > ia)

There is no "my solution". In Romanian there are two words, both
written "o", with different meanings and origins. One is the
unstressed _pronoun_ derived as above. The other is the undefinite
_article_ derived from "unã" as Miguel and I previously showed.
Keep that in mind and try to eliminate confusion.

> 2)Accepting the palatalisation of "ll" there must be a kind of "i"
> there,instead of "ll", it cannot be lost in the air.

Check the rules about the exitus of latin -lla- in Romanian before
stating nonsense. They have been posted several times on cybalist.

Marius Iacomi