Re: Marked nominative

From: aquila_grande
Message: 22026
Date: 2003-05-17

I think that unmarked nominativ, as well as unmarked accusative is
psychologicly felt to be somewhat unnormal, because in languages I
know something about, and that do not have a nominative ending, there
is a tendensy to develope nom. markings.

An example is finnish. This language has no nom. ending, but the stem
form in nom. tend to be different than in the other cases, and in
reality, more that 50% of finnish nouns have some type of nom.
marking by stem alternations.

eX, käsi - hand(, käde-n ( ihminen - human beeing (
ihmise-n ( jänis - hare ( jänikse-n (

avain - key ( avaime-n (