Re: Ukrainian words from Carpathians

From: tolgs001
Message: 22019
Date: 2003-05-17

>"Jus Valahorum" (the valahian laws, or if you do not have anything
>against, I will call them as in antiquity "Leges Belages").

Just leave it as it is: "ius valachorum."

>for ukrainean

Ukrainian ("-ean" is in Romanian)

(I am curious if you recognise them):
>arawona (arvunã),buna( bunã), bunika ( bunicã), doga (
>doagã), dzyngaSlywyj ( gingas), kamata ( camãtã), karuca
>(cãruTa), katuSa ( cãtuSa), klaka ( clacã), kodas (codaS),
>koona ( cucoanã), loc (loc), moSul ( moSul), muSia
>( moSie), rezeS ( rãzeS), stempyraty sa ( a se
>astâmpãra), Sopra ( Sopron), wenit ( venit= profit in
>this case and not the part. of " to come ").

[Why do you always put a blank key in brackets?]

räzeS and Sopron are Hungarian loanwords in
Romanian. camätä is Greek via Old Slavic into
Romanian and Hungarian (kamat).

(the other) George