Re: Ukrainian words from Carpathians

From: tolgs001
Message: 22013
Date: 2003-05-17

>> or /a/ ( flãcãu= flekew).
>*****GK: What is this word Alex? I don't recognize it.
>Perhaps it's misspelled. What's the meaning in

Flacau [fl&'k&u] "young man, bachelor". The Romanian
dictionary says (referring to etymology): "Compare with
Old Slavic _chlaku^_ "bachelor". (My impression is
that 'flacau' is wide-spread rather in the Eastern
and South-Eastern regions of Romania, and much less
up to not at all in Transylvania and Banat, where
'fecior' and 'june' are preferred.)

>> Rom. dumicat > Ukr. demikat
> *****GK: I've not found this. The closest thing in the
> dictionary is "demimond" (from French)****

The Romanian dictionary says "Lat. *demicare", i.e.
it is a hypothesis. In Romanian, "a dumica, dumicare"
means to cut or rip to smaller pieces; so, its
participle "dumicat", used as a substantive, means...
"bit", i.e. of food, "mouthful, morcel" (bolus).

>>Rom. bãSica > Ukr. bySyha
>*****GK: What's this? Is it "besahy" "bysahy" (only
>used in the pl. a dialecticism, meaning "a kind of
>double bag"*****

bãSica < Lat. vesica (in Romanian: any kind of "vesica":
bladder but also blister, pustule, pimp etc.)

>>Rom. cornutã > Ukr. kurnota, kurnuta
>*****GK: What's this? I don't recognize it.*****

an animal wearing horns or antlers; horn-swoggled
(cf. Italian cornuto)

>>rãdica > ridika
>>cârlig > garliga
>>mãciucã > maczuga
>*****GK: Are these supposed to be Ukrainian words?
>Neither I nor anyone else in my circles recognize them
>(:=))) What do they mean in Romanian?*****

to lift/pick up; hook; cudgel/truncheon