Re: [tied] Re: Labiovelar in Latin

From: alex_tiscali_dsl
Message: 22006
Date: 2003-05-17

m_iacomi wrote:
>> I guess it is easealy to observe even in Aromanian here "cari
>> yini"= DacoRomanian "care vine" pronounced as expected "cari
>> g'ine". but the two ways to write here should be edificative.
> False. The Aromanian letter "y" transcribes a voiced [h], not
> existing in other Romanian dialects. It's by all means the result
> of Greek influence post Common Romanian phase: no substrate there.
> Cheers,
> Marius Iacomi
Just for the scientific rules you allways call, how you will like to
show there is no substrate but of course Greek influence? As usual due
missing some texts from substrate we compare with what we have? I am
afraid if there is any Greek influence easy to explain for Aromanian and
for South of Rom.( see my Region ), there is not a Greek influence to
explain this word to speak in North of Romania aka Maramu and Moldova
You asked where exactly the form with "hai cã g'iu acu " is. Buzãu &
Prahova is for sure since this is my region. For other regions , is
there no a such analyse in Atlasul Limbii Române of Pushcariu?