Re: [tied] Ukrainian words from Carpathians

From: george knysh
Message: 22004
Date: 2003-05-17

--- alex_tiscali_dsl <alxmoeller@...> wrote:
> As we observed in other examples the /�/ is rendered
> in Ukrainean as /e/
> or /a/ ( fl�c�u= flekew).

*****GK: What is this word Alex? I don't recognize it.
Perhaps it's misspelled. What's the meaning in

> The problems are /b/ and /t/. In all the loand which
> Polish and
> Ukrainean have from Romanian there is no change of
> /p/ to /b/ or of /t/
> to /d/
> Rom. dumicat > Ukr. demikat

*****GK: I've not found this. The closest thing in the
dictionary is "demimond" (from French)****

> Rom. b�Sica > Ukr. bySyha

*****GK: What's this? Is it "besahy" "bysahy" (only
used in the pl. a dialecticism, meaning "a kind of
double bag"*****

> Rom. cornut� > Ukr. kurnota, kurnuta

*****GK: What's this? I don't recognize it.*****
> The /u/ is rendered tough as "u" and the Rom. /c/
> (k) is rendereed as
> /g/ in some examples, in otehr is rendered as in
> Original with /c/:
> r�dica > ridika
> c�rlig > garliga
> m�ciuc� > maczuga

*****GK: Are these supposed to be Ukrainian words?
Neither I nor anyone else in my circles recognize them
(:=))) What do they mean in Romanian?*****
> We see the meaning is the same the word looks very
> alike (p�scut=
> beskyd) but the change of /b/ > /p/ or /d/ to /t/
> are not to explain in
> the recent times (begining witht he IX century for
> instance).
> P.S. is the "fl" a phonetical restriction in Slavic
> when the group is at
> begin of the word?
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