Re: [tied] Re: Final voicing (2)

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 21787
Date: 2003-05-12

Jens and Miguel plot methodological madness:
>Nice going, Miguel! I am not sarcastic. While you're ticking, could
>you also get the verbal 1sg *-h2 to be voiced and then really make
>*-o: come from *-o-h2? Could it be done by adding a "primary
>marker", at least that would stop it from being word-final? In the
>external evidence we seem to have a velar ending in the sg. and -m-
>in the du./pl. We need that gap to be bridged. By introducing word
>order you may indeed be on to something.

Multiplication, multiplication, multiplication. Nuff said.

- gLeN

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