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From: george knysh
Message: 21753
Date: 2003-05-11

--- m_iacomi <m_iacomi@...> wrote:
> --- In, george knysh
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> > GK: The Carpi fit this scenario of course.
> But in this
> > connection I'd like to verify something else. I
> remember reading
> > somewhere (perhaps on this very list but the who
> or when escapes
> > me), that there is a depiction on Trajan's Dacian
> War column of
> > some mass out-migration by Free Dacians at the
> conclusion of the
> > war. Northward and northeastward I believe. Is
> this so?
> In fact, the scenes CLIV/CLV depict soemthing like
> this: some
> Roman soldiers walk from the left (where they are)
> to the right.
> Behind them there is a Dacian city which burned out.
> In front of
> them, there are a group of Dacians (wonem, children,
> men) and a
> bunch of farm animals. A part of the Dacians look
> back, others
> bear some weapons.
> Now, in interpretation of these two scenes,
> Reinach, Cichorius
> and Froehner proposed more than 100 years ago the
> idea that Dacians
> are chased by Romans out of occupied territory.

*****GK: This sounds plausible. A destroyed city,
advancing Romans, fleeing Dacian population (not just
soldiers, but "lock stock and barrel", with glances at
the threat)*****

> Patsch argues that
> it's about the refugees in the mountains who return
> to their own
> villages after the war;

*****GK: This I don't get. Why would they have left
the mountains "lock stock and barrel" to fight the
Romans, lose, and then go back with all their
belongings? One would have thought that women,
children, and stock would have stayed at home...*****

Daicoviciu says they are
> evacuated from
> mountains where they could have organized further
> resistence in
> front of the Romans and brought in plain, where they
> could have
> been better kept under Big Brother's eye.

*****GK: This also seems rather strained. What is the
depiction immediately prior to the one you have

> From my point of view, the scenes are not
> conclusive at all, be
> it for one or for another interpretation. There is
> no way to tell
> out clearly where the guys are coming from and where
> exactly they
> are going. Too many "if"s.
> Regards,
> Marius Iacomi

*****GK: Thanks for the report.******

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