Re: [tied]tall as an palm ( it was Re: cardinal points)

From: alex_lycos
Message: 21747
Date: 2003-05-11

Abdullah Konushevci wrote:
> No, <shtatë> is number seven and it's different from shtat 'tallness'
> About the origin of word <pëllëmbë> 'palm' are many speculations.
> Meyer had treated it from Neo-Greek <paláme>, Miklosich from Lat.
> <palma>, until Mann from IE * It seems that much more exact is
> version of Greek, cause we have intervocal /l/ changed regulary
> in /ll/. Cluster -mb- is recent inovation.
> -a is common ending for names of feminine gender
> The Lat. cubitus is present also in Albanian as <kut> 'elbow', the
> kind of measure too
> Konushevci

Even with the loosing of the intervocalic "b" I don'T see how to get an
/o/ in Rom. from /ui/
cubitus > cuitus > cuitu > ?