haruspex 'diviner'

From: Abdullah Konushevci
Message: 21726
Date: 2003-05-11

There was many attempts to explain Alb. word herdhe `balls,
testicles' only in pluralia tantum. So, they compared it with Greek
orkhis, Arm. orjik', MIr. uirgge id. According to many, initial h- is
secondary prothetic consonant. To Hamp, it is a continuant of Indo-
European laryngeal. My view is that this word is indeed a suffixed
compound *h3okw- + *ghor-2 + -d > (e)sghord> hardh > herdhe. The same
formation we have also in Latin haruspex `he who inspect entrails',
diviner . Taking in account that until now its common form to predict
the future inspecting the entrails, it seems to me very logical to
accept such kind of derivation. Furthermore, the initial h- should be
easy explained by regular evolution of cluster *sk- > h-. An attested
form we found in the Illyrian place name Skardona (today Skradin),
oronym Scardus mons.
From suffixed lengthened basic form *ghe:r-na: is also Alb.
zorrë `gut'.