Re: [tied] cardinal points

From: alex_lycos
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Date: 2003-05-11

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> As for your wider question about what Romanian is, I refer you to
> Bonfante, "the Origin of the Romance Languages" (Winter, 1999) Page
> "Romanian lacks all the archaisms which it is easy to discover in the
> languages of the West, including languages which have undergone as
> far-reaching transformations as French....; Romanian on the other hand
> [also] lacks all the Italian innovations later than the second century
> our era .. Romanian is thus the popular Latin of the second century
> Christ; it is neither older nor younger than that date, which is the
> of the colonization of Dacia."
> Peter

Peter, that is a clear statment. Allow myself some time for preparing my
point of view onto this subject. The statment of Bonfante will be the
one wherefrom I will begin. I wll revert as soon as I prepare it.