Re: [tied] Re: cardinal points

From: george knysh
Message: 21716
Date: 2003-05-11

--- "Daniel J. Milton" <dmilt1896@...> wrote:
> --- In, george knysh
> <gknysh@...> wrote:
> [Alex]> > You made this statment in a previous mail.
> I asked
> > > which is the germanic
> > > Root for Moldau ( Actualy the name of the River
> > > which cross Prag) for
> > > keeping it for germanic?
> >
> > *****GK: The river in question is the Molda (in
> the
> > Carpathians), supposedly a Germanic hydronym.****
> >
> [Alex]> I cannot see anything in
> > > germanic which I kann
> > > corelate with Mold- this is why I am indeed very
> > > curious about the root.
> *******
> There may be a Molda in the Carpathians, but it's
> too obscure to
> show up in my atlas. The well-known river is the
> Moldau = Vltava,
> which, as Alex said, flows through Prague (there's
> probably some way
> to put a few bars of Smetana in the background)and
> is the type
> locality for moldavites in my business.
> I don't know if the Slavic or the German or
> neither is the
> original name. Nor do I know if the name of Moldavia
> has any
> etymological relation at all. Can you tell us more,
> George?
> Dan

*****GK: I'm not a linguist, so I could obviously be
wrong on this (but it's a very minor point in
connection with the larger issue being discussed and
my being wrong here would not affect the larger
argument). Apart from the Carpathian r. Molda and the
Czech river whence moldavites, I knows of at least two
other rivers Molda, both in Germany: one is located
close to Hamburg, and the other is near Dessau (this
Molda was mentioned by Martin Luther in one of his
works). I assumed the word to be Germanic.*****

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