Re: Got to thinkin' about word order

From: Peter P
Message: 21710
Date: 2003-05-11

--- In, "juhavs" <juhavs@...> wrote:
> And it takes some pedantry to realise that a misprint just found
> way into my post: always "Tampereella", never "Tamperella"!
> Juha
> > And Nokia? Well, that is easy. If you are at Nokia´s payroll, you
> > must say that "olen Nokialla", of course. The unambiguous nature

If I were there I would say 'in Nokia's payroll' as I do in English
but then I would have to translate that as 'olen Nokiassa'. I am
beginning to see the problem.

> of
> > digitalised communication demands this (a whiff of Bohr´s
> Principle
> > of Complementarity?) But if you are at the University (any
> > University will do here), you will either say "yliopistolla"
> > or "yliopistossa"…academic freedom, you know…
> >
> > Cheers, Juha
> >

I can see that there is some national confusion (?) with the adessive
and inessive cases. However, it looks like the university students
have come up with an answer, namely, 'who cares'. It looks like
students 1, rest of the nation 0.