[tied] Re: cardinal points

From: Daniel J. Milton
Message: 21709
Date: 2003-05-11

--- In cybalist@yahoogroups.com, george knysh <gknysh@...> wrote:
[Alex]> > You made this statment in a previous mail. I asked
> > which is the germanic
> > Root for Moldau ( Actualy the name of the River
> > which cross Prag) for
> > keeping it for germanic?
> *****GK: The river in question is the Molda (in the
> Carpathians), supposedly a Germanic hydronym.****
[Alex]> I cannot see anything in
> > germanic which I kann
> > corelate with Mold- this is why I am indeed very
> > curious about the root.
There may be a Molda in the Carpathians, but it's too obscure to
show up in my atlas. The well-known river is the Moldau = Vltava,
which, as Alex said, flows through Prague (there's probably some way
to put a few bars of Smetana in the background)and is the type
locality for moldavites in my business.
I don't know if the Slavic or the German or neither is the
original name. Nor do I know if the name of Moldavia has any
etymological relation at all. Can you tell us more, George?