Re: [tied] Fw: [Nostratica] Loss of Priceless World Heritage

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 20990
Date: 2003-04-14

John quoted by Gerry:
>Everyone should hang their head in shame and should email/contact
>their political representatives immediately to object in the
>strongest possible terms and urge them to take whatever steps can be
>taken to mitigate this savagery.

Well said. If only words were a defense against senseless actions.
But look at it this way: If evidence of our past lingered around,
how on earth would history repeat itself? Oh well, at least the
Iraqis are "liberated" now, that is, the ones that survived. Has
anyone else been thoroughly disgusted with CNN's flag-waving,
war-is-like-a-video-game, let's-all-nuke-innocent-Iraqis,
flowers-and-puppy-dogs coverage or is that just me? I wouldn't
call myself a tree-hugging hippy but I no longer want to live in
the States.

- gLeN

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