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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2003-04-13

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Subject: [tied] Re: albanian prefix "stër-"

> 1. -es may be derived from PIE contracted form o:kw- with compensatory lengthening of first vowel, so we have easily Alb. -es...

Far from being a counterexample, this word beautifully confirms what has been said before. <-es> is a denominal verb. Such verbs had the PIE suffix *-je-, e.g. *wog^He-je-ti 'he carries (sth) in a vehicle', *h3okW-je-ti 'he eyes (sth)'. The suffix, although eventually lost in Albanian, is responsible for the palatalisation of *kW (and for the umlaut of *a < *o!). The development was as follows:

*h3okWje- > *ac^i- > *äc^- > es

Similarly in causative vebs with *-eje-:

*dHogWH-ejo: 'I light (sth)' > *dadz^i- > dhez, n-dez

Compare *dHegWHo: 'burn' > djeg (no *-eje- suffix, no palatalisation).

Sorry, Abdullah, but you can't deduce the PIE forms by contemplating their Albanian reflexes alone. You have to be aware of the general IE background.