Re: [tied] Tychicus

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2003-04-12

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> DEX gives it as loan from Bulgarian "otdihna" which seems to be a compound of "ot" + "dihna". Did the South slavic changes a common Slavic "t" in "d"?

*otU-dyx-/-dUx- underwent voicing assimilation (otd- --> [odd-]) after the weak yers were lost, cf. Polish oddech 'breath' < *otU-dUxU, oddychac' 'breathe' < *otU-dyxati (it's the same root, though only the perfective form of the verb has the meaning 'rest, relax' in Polish). Bulg. <-td-> is also pronounced [-dd-] despite the spelling. The only modification of the word in Romanian was the simplification of the geminate: -dd- > -d-.