Re: [tied] Re: Alb. "sht-"

From: alex_lycos
Message: 20940
Date: 2003-04-11

m_iacomi wrote:
> "tolgs001" <gs001ns@...> wrote:
>>> [...] and adopt the position of a teacher who unfortunately
>>> cannot shows too much in this relation Latin "stancus" versus
>>> Albanian "stang" and Rom. "stâng"
>> I only took part in this thread as any subscriber to the list
>> is entitled to. Incidentally, reminding you that you once had
>> had the occasion to get a good explanation on that.
> He had a plain explanation, with other old and modern Romance
> examples showing the same semantical correlation between left-
> handedness and mechanical inability (further related eventually
> to being tired) for the corresponding words. That is to say
> there are very few arguments not already covered in previous
> discussions, and if he still rises up this problem it's a matter
> of unability to cope with them, not of missing them. It's still
> worthwhile to mention that his point of view is not supported by
> Romanian linguists. I'm deeply sorry that questions not related
> to canonical cybalist issues are still tenaciously reasked on
> this list
> Regards,
> Marius Iacomi

1) I guess this is related to issues of cybalist since the root in
discution is *stai with extended form in "*sten-". The salt & pepper
with the Lation/Romano theory cannot be forgot/excluded since until now
this was the usual explanation. I am no speaking here about building
spatial vehicles, I am speaking just about the derivation of some words.

2)You may be sorry or you maybe will put the question other way:
Is the Albanian "stang" a Latin loan too ?