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From: tolgs001
Message: 20932
Date: 2003-04-11

altamix@ wrote:

>*excula (lost of ending "-re")

The infinitive Latin endings -are, -ére, -ere,
-ire aren't lost in Romanian: they are there!

Only that the Romanian (so-called "long
infinitive") has the exclusive function of
a... substantive. Thus, the actual infinitive
is in this case "a scula" [sku-'la], but
the "long infinitive" is "sculare"; with the
definite article "scularea" (all these long
infinitives are feminine in Romanian).

"De$teptarea! Scularea!" (wake-up shoutings :)

(Deverbal substantivations are also made of
the past participles => neutral substantives;
in the case of "a scula" > "sculat", with
article "sculatul". So, you can say either
"Scularea (de) dimineatza" or "sculatul (de)
dimineatza" (waking up in the morning).)

>>An non-nasal form is Alb. word shtaga 'stick'

BTW, then it somehow has to be related
to German <Stange> [Stang&] 'stick, pole'.

>"stancus"=tired. I don't know why for a
>"tired" or "clumsily" person someone has
>to call the left side the "tired" one.

You've been given an explanation by someone
on another list; but you prefer to do away
with that explanation (for reasons that
are hardly pertaining to linguistics

>How I said

"*As* I said/did/made/etc..."