Re: [tied] bake

From: tgpedersen
Message: 20930
Date: 2003-04-11

--- In, "alex_lycos" <altamix@...> wrote:
> it seems there is a little difference between german and germanic:-)
> Torsten meant english "bake" and not german "baken". The all
> from the previous email are related to the german word "bake"= a
> word.
> The German "bähen" has in this case nothing to do with
German "beken"
> but ist somehow related to "backen"= english "to bake" having
> in this case (to bake) in Greek "phogein"
> The finnish word is "paakku", I lost an "a" there, mia culpa.
Erh, I knew that. My original question, to which I still don't know
the answer, was whether that preparing-food word was related to the
sharing/distributing(-food?) word in Iranian that eventually in tht
Slavic languages became 'Bog' "God" (and the root of the 'bogat-
' "rich" word).