Re: [tied]Alb. "stëpi ( it was albanian "stër-")

From: alex_lycos
Message: 20923
Date: 2003-04-10

> Well, it seems a pretty interesting field which is not to clear
> "Latin extra"

About Latin origin of prefix "stër-" I have no doubt that it's false
one, because cluster st- in Latin loans and in inherited words, was
almost always reflected by sht-: stratum > shtrat 'bed', status >
shtat 'body', stabulum > shtallë 'stable', hospitium >(ho)stipium >
shtëpi 'house'
As far as I remember, it's also common prefix for Dalmatian language
in form stra-.
It's true that are many (pseudo-)Slavic or Latin loans that deserves
to be enlighten now with little work, because it's easy to show
their falsity


It seems the "Old Slavic" which died so strange and unusual without
letting any trace in the actual slavic languages, is a joke. I won't
wonder if there are a lot of words from Balkan which got in Slavic
languages and they became "slavised" , trough the work of Miclosic
considerate as "old slavic".

One word more about Albanian "stëpi".
I don't believe this is from Latin "(ho)stipium".
The word means "house".
There is the Rom. word "stup"= beehive. What is a beehive? A house for
bees. The Romanian word has an unknown etymology.
There is the words in Albanian and Romanian "stâna"= the house of the
There is 'stãpân' in Rom. and " stopan" in Albanian= the ruller, I gues
from the "ruller in house " and from these a lot of derivative like
"stapânit," nestapanit", "stapanire", a stapâni
"Sint stãpân la mine acasã"= "I am the ruller in my house".
The word "stopan" in Albanian which is related to shepherd life too.
They are all related together from an "sta-"= to stay which gave all
these words.
It seems that the Slavs got the word "stopanu" from the balcanic
languages too. They are in fact too clear these words for ignoring them
and leting them with unknown etymology for a Slavic word as "stopanu"
which seems to be a loan because I doubt it will have the same phonology
from the same root.
In fact DEX does not give Rom. "stãpân" as from slavic "stopanu" because
the derivation was not phoneticaly possible.
How does it looks like if from romanian word or from albanian one the
slavs got the word? Is the loan phoneticaly posible?
I wondered allways how many "slavic" words are for "ruller". Let se just
some of them:
jupan, stupan, voevoda, cral, tsar, .. pretty enough I guess..