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From: Michael J Smith
Message: 20906
Date: 2003-04-09

Hi Piotr, regarding:

On Tue, 08 Apr 2003 10:33:15 -0000 "Piotr Gasiorowski"
<piotr.gasiorowski@...> writes:
> I remember a reference to "Teutons" -- who might have been
> pre-Germanic or Celtic (if either) equally well, since *teut-o:n- is
> not a formation unique to Germanic, but what about Gotones and
> Ingvaeones? Are you sure Pytheas mentions any names like these?

I read this in the Book "A History of the Vikings" by Gwyn Jones:
"He (Pytheas) speaks of the amber island of Abalus (Heligoland?), whose
inhabitants sold the sea's gift to a people called the Teutones. He
speaks, too, of the Ingvaeones and almost certainly of the Goths or
Gutones." He also says before this,
"Pytheas made a remarkable voyage west and north as part of his survey
of the coasts of Europe from Cadiz to the Don. But the work which
recorded this, his Of the Ocean, has not survived, and all too much is
uncertain. Six days' sail north of Britain, he tells us (or, more
accurately, later geographers rich in ignorance, confusion, and prejudice
tell us), he came to a land which appears to lie close under the Arctic

> Piotr
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