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Piotr, the point of my message was very limited: to tell what "Germanic" tribes or people Pytheas mentioned - according to Pliny. I certainly did not make any claims about their true identity, of course. This bigger issue is something I happily leave to much more knowledgeable persons...:)

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> According to Pliny�s Book 37 Pytheas does mention the Guiones (which at least Pliny takes) as "a Germanic people" and the same seems to apply to the neighbours of the Guiones, namely, the Teutoni.

True, but there is no real basis for identifying the Guiones with the much later "Gutones". As for the Teutons, all the world knows (at least Cybalist members do) that *�eud-o: < *teut-ah2 is the primary Germanic word for 'people, folk', and the Teutons who raided Roman lands alongside the Cymbri were at least partly Germanic (Pliny knew that as well). This does not mean that _any_ "Teutons" must be the very same Germanic Teutons, since the term *teut-ah2 was used in several other branches (Baltic, Celtic, Italic, Illyrian) with the same or similar meaning, and the derivative is of a common-or-garden type that doesn't rule out independent formation.


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