Re: [tied] Re: Continuity & Cosmetic Operation

From: alex_lycos
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Date: 2003-04-05

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OTOH, in Transylvania and Banat (provinces of Austria-
Hungary up to 1919) very few people know today that
"oláh" (the Hungarian) means "Vlakh/Walachian". And:
very few people know that the "Vlakhs/Walachians"
in Albania, (former) Yugoslavia, Greece and Bulgaria
actually represent, together with Romanians, the same
nation (at least linguistically)

I ask myself if something with the hungarian form has to do here the
word "olac" and "olaci" which means "messager, special courier".
There are the forms "olãcar" too.
DEX see it as a turkish loan from tc "ulak" (meaning=?).