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Date: 2003-04-05

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> > Hades= brother of Zeus and Poseidon .As the three brothers shared
> the
> > world, Poseidon took the meers, Zeus the world and hades the
> underworld
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> > Is the Greek word Hades to read as "eades"?
> > Alex
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> Puhvel has "Hades < Indo-European *Smwidas (Homeric A[w]id- <
> *Smwid-) as 'Uniter' (sam-gam- 'get-together', sam-vid- 'find [one
> another]' are the Vedic terms for the reunion of the dead with
> their [fore]fathers." The comforting myth we'll be together again
> after death
> Dan

I asked because the word for "hell" in Rom. is "iad". DEX gives it as
slavic "jadU".
I am not aware of the existence & meaning of slavic. What should Slavic
"jadU" mean and which is teh etymology of it?