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From: george knysh
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Date: 2003-04-05

--- tgpedersen <tgpedersen@...> wrote:
> > GK: The Dandarii were one of the historical
> > non-Greek components of the Bosporan Kingdom. A
> > Sindo-Maeotian tribe. According to Hecataeus of
> > Miletus (c. 5th c. BC) they lived at the mouth of
> the
> > Kuban' r. (contemporary Russia), known as the
> Hypanis
> > at that time. Abayev interprets the name as Iranic
> > ("holders of the river"). Trubachov thinks it more
> > likely to be Pontic Aryan, related to "dand"
> (rush,
> > reed) where the Kuban' flows into the Azov Sea.
> > Olthacus (Oltak) was a Sindo-Maeotic regulus
> subject
> > to Mithradates.
> > >
> > >
> I've seen 'dandani' in some sources. Of course the
> 'Dan-' part made
> me curious.
> Heyerdahl wants to identify �sgard with the city of
> Azov. According
> to him, the Dandari were sometimes at war, sometimes
> allies of the
> Siraci to the South.
> On the language question: I assume the languages
> that are known at the
> time in the area are Iranian or Indic, plus Greek
> used as a trade
> language. Were there others (eg. later extinct
> Caucasian languages)?

*****GK: One point worth investigating is the
intertwining of some Caucasian groups and languages
with that of better known historical actors. We speak
of Greeks, Pontic Aryans, Iranians here. But there
were also ancestors of the modern Adyge (whose
language is related to Abkhazian), also known (later)
as Circassians (and by other names). You might want to
explore this.******

> Torsten

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