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From: alex_lycos
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Date: 2003-04-04

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> --- Abdullah Konushevci <akonushevci@...> > >
> GK: Abdullu dovbneju ne dobyty..
> > (:=)))
> *****GK: This is indeed, as Piotr stated, an innocent
> pun. My father used to say it all the time when he
> argued with my mother. It merely refers to one's
> pertinacity in defending one's opinion. I only
> mentioned it because Ukr. "dovbnja" was related to the
> term under discussion. As for "Dacian", that was
> certainly an intended (and hardly hostile) vocatio ad
> argumentum, so as to encourage Abdullah to present the
> Illyrian version of Albanian origins. Does anyone see
> anything wrong with that? I think it would be rather
> interesting. I admit that I did not understand
> Abdullah's counterpuns. Can they be translated?*****

Well I guess I can understand the why he reacted. This way. I have had
the same feeling once . Thoughts as " but we do not need to come that
folk or that folk for learning a word". I learned that it
doesn't matter why a word should be borrowed. Here the reasons are a lot
why a folk get an another word from an another folk. Sometimes is just
for fun, it hears "funny" and they take it and it remains there.. The
only thing which is to do is to try to see where a word fits better, in
which language with no sentiments . I agree this is hard sometimesJ
How I showed for "balta" there is a big family in Romanian and it is
based on "moisture" . About "dalta" there is nothing. Just derivatives
of "dalta". There for I don't even try to see any Romanians roots in
"dalta" since it seems this word is almost orphan there in the Rom.
Lang. I even have a justify for missing the Romanian cognate due the
interdiction of the Dacians trough the Census Traianus, interdiction to
build dwellings and walls and such stuff. In so far, I guess this is a
reaction " from belly" of Abdullah. but I hope he will go over it and he
will return back.
For me it is a very important situation to have Albanian people here
since how I said several times, there is a more deeper and more common
Lexis between Alb. and Rom. as I ever thought.. A such discussion on a
linguistic list with speaker of Slavic, Albanian, Romanian and some
Romance and Germanic languages is the very best thing.
We miss just speakers of Greek and Sanskrit and Persian for having the
very big part of PIE children here, don't you find?
And that is good, I would say.