Re: [tied] Etymology of the Souliot names Zarbas, Drakos etc

From: alex_lycos
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Date: 2003-04-04

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> 2. Also, am I to assume that the name of another Souliot clan,
"Drakos" (p
> Drakaioi) is etymologically related to the Serbian "Dragash," and
> names with the element "drag." Again, I would be grateful for the
> etymological relationships of this word. [I am aware of the Greek word
> "drakon," with the posited IE relationships, as described by Frisk,
> Chantraine etc., but I woul;d like to know about the more recent
> Balkan/Slavic/Romanian? Forms that may suggest about the ancestry of
> Drakos clan.]

Well, for the interpreters of ancient glosses this is a good example of
why the semantism is important.
How important is an "g" or an "k" in a word. Well, tehy are pretty the
same, they can be changed, one is the sonorised form of the another and
so on..
But it is damm, very important the meaning , see here: drag & drak
drag= dear, drac= devil
A lot to think about this when we try to interpret the ancient