Re: [tied] Re: slavic "dalto"

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2003-04-04

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> > > Jus for Mr. Kurrkysh
> *****GK: Ah these irrepressible Dacians...****

You mean Illyrians, don't you.

To everybody:

It seems Abdullah took offence at Georges innocent pun (on one of the Ukrainian cognates of <daltë>); at any rate he has just usubscribed. Which is to be regretted, since I, for one, find the multilinguality and multiethnicity of Cybalist a great asset, and since Albanian is an interesting and often underestimated source of data in IE studies, our Albanologists and native speakers of Albanian are a precious resource.

Discussions on Cybalist often get heated (which is normal) and people sometimes take disagreement with their views as a personal attack (often without good reason). This is a liberal forum. If you go too far pushing your point you can expect comments on your conduct from other members: as long as there's nothing rude of distasteful about them, the moderator (c'est moi) doesn't mind. Please don't feel taunted or persecuted if somebody just happens to express an opinion you may dislike or refuses to accept your arguments, or even rebukes you in a good-humoured way (you may be wrong, after all). In general, don't take your opponents and yourself too seriously -- enjoy the debate and don't turn it into an ego contest.

End of sermon.

I'd like to invite Abdullah back and I hope he returns.