Re: Cosmetic Operation

From: tolgs001
Message: 20767
Date: 2003-04-04

>Romania/ie Timisoara Town

I know where Timisoara is (Besides, some
cousins of mine live in that city.)

>in a region still named BANAT [Some Basic
>Info on Banat are to be found at

I also know what & where Banat is even
without the link you kindly mention.

>I am working to a comment regarding the
>meaning of ban/Banat [ie ban as
>ruler of an Banat] from our days until
>the ancient history of the region.

I see.

>S o r i n
>P.S. your joke is "vapid"

I'm sorry to have upset you. There was
no intention (maybe I was a bit misled by
your wording).

sanatate & egészséget,