Cosmetic Operation

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Date: 2003-04-03

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>S o r i n
>going back to Banat_ban

Do you imply that you are some descendent of
a ban, i.e. a chief of the medieval province
of Banat? (If so, what would do--"your highness",
"your honor" or "serenissime?" :))

I think that you did not paid much attention when I introduced myself to
this list [on 19.02.2003]:
I am a journalist and I live in Romania/ie Timisoara Town in a region still
named BANAT [Some Basic Info on Banat are to be found at
I am working to a comment regarding the meaning of ban/Banat [ie ban as
ruler of an Banat] from our days until the ancient history of the region.

S o r i n

P.S. your joke is "vapid"