Re: Continuity & Cosmetic Operation

From: tolgs001
Message: 20759
Date: 2003-04-03

>My point was that today the official name of the
>country is România and the citizens are named români.
>So, it would be nice to refer to them accordingly.
>Using the obsolete rumîn, the connoisseurs could
>think that you are speaking about the serf's from
>romanian medieval period and might think that this
>is used with a derogatory meaning/intention. End
>of story.

When talking/writing in the Romanian language.
But we were referring to the... English language!
(Romanian, Rumanian, Roumanian) Moreover, Alex
pointed out that there are languages where there
is only the spelling with -u-, e.g. German:
Rumäne, Rumänen, Rumänisch/rumänisch. (NB: Rösler,
who wrote an important work contradicting the
thesis of the continuity of Romanians North of
the Danube, used >what irony!< the German spelling
... "romänisch", e.g. "romänische Geschichte". And
that in the second half of the 19th century! I
bet that the average Germanists don't know today
that not long ago there existed the -o- spelling
as well. :)

>S o r i n
>going back to Banat_ban

Do you imply that you are some descendent of
a ban, i.e. a chief of the medieval province
of Banat? (If so, what would do--"your highness",
"your honor" or "serenissime?" :))